This site is dedicated to finding all the sites and networks for free improvisational music and placing them here as a link for all to use. It is an inclusive of most musics that include improvisation in it so that free jazz, + traditional world musics etc + soundscape, musique concrete , electronic , avant garde, sound art etc. Feel free to contact me with suggestions.

Photo is of Chefa Alonso and Roger Turner at Festival R de Choc, Paris 2009, taken be Helen Petts

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this is the beginning so here is the start :

European Free Improvisation Site:

Friends of Mopomoso Blog:

Free Music Productions (run by Jost Gerbers):

Derek Bailey for friends in NYC 1&2 + :

Derek Bailey & George Lewis:

INCUS Records:

Lauren Newton: vocalist

Split Records run by Jim Denley

Antboy records run by Will Guthrie

Machine for Making Sense:

The Schlippenbach Trio:

Globe Unity Orchestra:

Globe Unity Orchestra 1970 (video)

Clare Cooper

Robbie Avenaim

Sound recordist Chris Watson:

Helen Petts Video Channel

Clayton Thomas:

Amanda Stewart:

Emanem Records:

Veryan Weston sites:

The London Music Collective:

Mopomoso concert series in London:

John Russell

The nownow concert series in Sydney Australia:

Torben Snekkestad (saxophonist)

Signal to Noise Magazine:

Psi Records run by Evan Parker

Evan Parker on video:

Peter Kowald SOLO:

Mats Gustafsson (Olof Bright records);

Mats Gustafsson home page (March 2009)

Gustafsson,Vandermark,Haker-Flaten, Nilssen-Love (Video)

The Improvisor

Johannes Bergmark:

Free Music Productions:

Bowerbird (Association in Philedelphia US)

Bengt Berger:

Country & Eastern:

Improvised Music in Japan:

Jon Rose:

Australia ad lib project:

Bagatellen Magazine:

Modisti Magazine online:

Resonance FM Radio:

Spirit House Radio Australia Monday 10-11 30pm


HatHut Records:

Iritijal Festival in Lebanon:

Christine Sehnaoui:

Sharif Sehnaoui:

Merzan Kerbaj:

Paal Nilssen-Love (Drummer):

Drip Audio label (run by Jesse Zubot in Vancouver, Canada):

Kim Myhr:


METAMKINE Label and Distribution run by Jerome Noetinger:

102 Club (Rue d'Alembert Grenoble France):

Matchless recordings run by Eddie Prevost:

Jean Borde:

Potlach label (France):

Stephane Rives :

Creative Sources Recordings:

Steve Coleman

Intakt Records:

Barry Guy:
Barry Guy's New Orchestra

John Butcher:

Point of Departure magazine:

Echtziek Music Berlin (concert guide etc)

Alessandro Bosetti:

Bhob Rainey:

Acoustic Ecology Institute:

Han Bennink:

The Bimhuis, Amsterdam:

Pauline Oliveros:

Deep listening institute:

Shelley Hirsch:

Instant Composers Pool (ICP Orchestra):

Okka Disc Label (chicago)

Charbel Haber:

Liquid Architecture Festival Australia:

Thembi Soddell:

Keith Rowe:

Anne Estoppey's videos:

Mulhouse Jazz Festival:

The Wire Magazine:

Through Fire and Crevice CD:

The Necks:

Paul Lovens:
Po Torch Records, PO Box 1005, D-52011 Aachen, Germany. Fax (0)241 543640.

Paul Lovens /Anthony Pateras duo Poland 2007:

Musicworks Online Magazine:

Safehouse Brighton Videos:

Andrea Parkins:
Andrea Parkins + Jessica Constable:

Micheal Zerang:

Jaap Blonk:

Al Maslakh records:

Gail Brand (trombonist):

Phil Minton:

oxford improviser (UK):

Maggie Nichols:

Luc Houtkamp:

X-OR recordings (founded by Luc Houtkamp):

Hal Rammel:

Ken Vandermark:

Ingebrigt Haaker Flaten:

Impermanent Audio Recordings (Australia):

Make it up club (Melbourne Australia):

Streifenjunko (Nordic duo):

Sofa Music (Norway):

Fri Resonans Festival (Trondheim Norway):

Martin Taxt (tuba):

All Ears Festival of Improvised music (Oslo):

Xavier Charles:

One final note (webzine):

Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville:

SIMA (sydney jazz):

lechacalnoir Channel (classic jazz videos):

Anthony Braxton:

Eugene Chadbourne:

Restructures web links compiled by Jason Guthartz

LaDonna Smith:

Miya Masaoka:

Sound 323 (London):

Audition (sound 323 radio program):

Esrtwhile Records:

Martin Brandlmayr:

Electrofringe Festival (Newcastle Australia):

Clean feed records (Lisbon):


Smalltown Supersound

Sylvie Courvoisier:

Arve Henriksen:

Peter Brotzman:

Ears (Electro Acoustic Resource Site):

Monastery Bulliten:

Handbook of Acoustic Ecology:

Singing Bridges:

Sonic Arts Network:

Misha David's videos (fabulous free improv)

Zeena Parkins:

Leo Records:

Peter Brotzman's Chicago Tentet:

Cecil taylor Quintet 1995:

Cecil Taylor Munich 1984 solo (5 parts):

New Albion Records:

Zu Casa (online laboratory):

International Improvised Music Archive:

Jack Wright and Spring Garden Music:

Perfect Sound Forever (online music magazine):

Bluechop sticks Records:

Sound Travellers (Australian)

What is Music Festival (Australia):

Indeterminacy (John Cage):

Grob Label:

For4ears Records:

Output Festival (Amsterdam):

Trytone festival (Amsterdam, Tilburg, Utrecht):

Bimhuis (Amsterdam):

Gino Robair:

Ratascan Records:

John Raskin:

Frank Gratkowski:

Improvised Music from Japan:

Turbulence (new radio and performing arts: sound sculptures etc):

Barely Auditable Records:

Experimental Music Chronicled, Hertz-Lion Yield:

WIRED LAB (wire intergative Research and Development):

Peter Greenway VJing ( a new Direction):

Ingeos Art Sonore:

World Forum of Acoustic Ecology:

Ear to the Earth Festival:

Aural Diary:

Sound Art Links:

Bvhaast records:

William Breuker Kollektief:

The Stone performance space:

Ketil Gutvik:

Kjetil Moester:

Ellery Eskelin:


Numusic (New Music Festival , Norway, September)

Ars Nova Workshop (Philidelphia US)

Baltimore’s 10th Anniversary High Zero Festival
Sept 17th–Sept 21st 2008,

Anthea Caddy and Magda Mayas:
with Annette Krebs:

Franz Hautzinger:

Axel Dorner:

Peter Evans:

Rudi Mahall:

Robin Fox:

Tomas Korber:

Screwgun Records run by Tim Berne+:

Olivia Block:

Micheal Northam:

Fred Frith:

Tzadik label:

Sten Sandell:

William Parker:

Irene Schweiser:

Jimmy Lyons (RIP):

Experimental musical instruments:

Eartrip Magazine ( downloadable) by David Grundy:

Electronic Musik label

hellosQaure Recordings run by Shoeb Ahmed:

Creative Sources Recordings:

Bay Area Improviser (San Francisco):

Philadelphia Sound Forum:

Bashir Saade:

Micheal Lowenstern:

International Society of Improvised Music:

addlimb (Serbia):

Bertrand Denzler:

Muiscworks (mag):

Improjazz (French mag):

International Improvised Music Archive IIMA:

Tom Nunn's 1998 Book "Wisdom of The Impulse : On the Nature of Musical Free Improvisation", Downloadable here:

another timbre Label:

Balance Point Acoustics (Damon Smith):

Treader label:

Rossbin (not for profit) Label:

Asia-Pacific Field Recorders Forum:

Venue in Geneva: CAVE 12 ( programme)

Binaural Media (Portugal):

Antonio Mainenti:

Twenty Hertz (recordings)

Mural (Myhr/Denley/Zach):

Vincent Cazeneuve:

The Nameless sound (formerly The Deep Listening Institute Houston):

Cable Festival Nantes (france) 18-21 Feb 2009:

Found Sound : Experimental Instrument Project (Melbourne) :

Budawangs ( Jim Denley):

Francois Houle:

Vancouver Creative Music Institute:

Coastal Jazz and Blues (Vancouver) :

Time Flies Improvised Music Festival 5-7 Feb 2009 (Vancouver):

The Iron Works (Venue for improvised concert series Vancouver):

Home Concept 9 (France)

Stet lab (Ireland):

Holon Art Lab Audio Service am (radio)

Dissonart Ensemble:

ZeitKratzer Ensemble

and/OAR label: environmental recording and/more

either/OAR (subsidiary of and/OAR):

Franck Schulte:

Poise Label (founded by Frank Schulte & Dirk Raulf)

Zentrifuge (interactive sound piece by Frank Schulte & Andres Bosshard):

John Hughes, Lars Scherzberg, Nicolas Wiese

Schraum Label (Germany):

Compost and Height (blog)

Sarah Hughes (blog):

"Derek Bailey and the story of free Improvisation" by Ben Watson (book):,M1

Stasisfield (Sonic planar analysis):

Terry Day:

Mateusz Walerian (Poland)

Bart Hopkins (Corrugaphone +):

Textsound (online audio publication):

Alvin lucier:

The Society of Ethnomusicology:

Dana Reason:

Benedict Drew:

Zimoun Leerraum

Soundcloud and Sounding blog:

Jim Denley/Kim Myhr (feb 2009) new CD "Systems Realignment":

Spool music Label (Canada):

Festival R-de-Choc (and ongoing series in PARIS curated by Pascal Marzan):

Herbal International Label:

Melbourne International Jazz Festival:

Tyyfus Records:

The Unobtainables (blog and downloads):

Richard Garet:

Insubordinations (net label for improvised music):

Inversus Doxa (Jean Sebastian Mariage):

Geiger Musik (sweden):

Heddy Boubaker:

Electronic Music Foundation (performance space NY +):

Listen Space (NYC performance space):

Diapason (performance space Brooklyn NY):

577 Records (NY):

Tyyfus Records:

Nobusiness Records (Lithuania):

Bagatellen blog:

Free Music Archive:

Medea Electronique:

Slow Sound:

MPRNTBL (netlabel):

Birgit Ulher:

The Red Room (venue/collective/record/books: Baltimore US):

Daniel Heikalo & Arthur Bull duo:

Kris Wanders:

Minneapolis free music society (collective)

Gary Fischer (Sound Artist):

Redline Projects (netlabel)

Melanie Chillianis (Melbourne)

Off Minor (blog of UK events):

The Point of Departure:

Evan Parker on Coltrane:

Festival R-de-Choc, Paris (july)

Molde International Jazz Festival, Norway 2009

Association of Improvising Musicians Toronto:

Philippe Lauzier ;

Improv Helsinki:

Rasbliutto Improvised music

HZCollective (Virginia US based):

Set Projects label:

Alan Lechusza Aquallo (Luiseno/Maidu)
Native American electro-acoustic sound artist

Flight of the Ruffian Blog (free jazz):

Mopomoso Friends blog:

Steve Coleman:

Ruminagem Sound Sculpture Project:

Franziska Baumann

Saturday, December 19, 2009

SOUND OUT 2010, Festival of Free Improvisation and New Music

Festival of Free Improvisation and New music
Canberra, January 31.

One of the most quoted platitudes about music is “It's a universal language”. This is way too simplistic - you have to struggle to learn another music system. But 40ish years ago a methodology for creating a truly global music emerged and has continued developing. Improvised music is not a style, but the methodology means that Norwegians, Argentines and Australians can all be playful together. The practitioners have different personalities and backgrounds, but an improvising group works as a community without preconception. Gestures, sounds, silences and moods are unpredictable. The result is a surprise in each and every session, even to the musicians.

Perhaps why the methodology is still powerful is that it hasn't been theorised yet - nobody knows quite what he or she is doing. But it's clear they are involved in an internationalist movement.

This music is predictive - the future must involve the peoples of the world having an equal dialogue. Come see and hear the future at SOUND OUT 2010.

We wish to thank The Royal Norwegian Embassy, Experimenta Productions, The Ministry for Foreign Affairs Argentina, The Argentinean Embassy, iblink designs, StudioMAP, and The Street Theatre for their support and sponsorship.

Street Theatre two
Canberra City
Corner of Childers Street and University Avenue

Sunday the 31st of January.
Two Sessions:
Costs per session.
Full $20 – Concession $15
Both Sessions
Full $35 – Concession $25

Book online at:
Or (02) 6247 1223

AFTERNOON begins 1 pm:

1 pm Streifenjunko Duo

1.45 Experimenta Group: de los Santos - Calmens - Morel - Zypce - Koremblit

2.30 Richard Johnson / Cameron Deyell + guests

3.15 Claudio Calmens solo

3.45 Clayton Thomas / Clare Cooper + Espen Reinertsen

FINISH 4: 15pm

EVENING begins 6:30

6.30 Kim Myhr / Jim Denley + Eivind Nordset Lønning + Clayton Thomas

7.15 Gerardo Morel: Real time processing piano and electronics

7.45 Zypce / de los Santos: Duo Motors and Machines

8.30 Ensemble of ALL final free improvisation

FINISH 9: 15 pm

Adriana de los Santos, piano / objects - Argentina
Cameron Deyell, guitar - Canberra
Clare Cooper, guzheng - Berlin
Claudio Calmens, electric guitar / objects - Argentina
Claudio Koremblit, visuals - Argentina
Clayton Thomas, Double bass - Berlin
Eivind Nordset Lønning, trumpet - Norway
Espen Reinertsen, tenor sax - Norway
Gerardo Morel, computer / sampler - Argentina
Jim Denley, wind instruments - Sydney
Kim Myhr, guitar - Norway
Richard Johnson, wind Instruments - Canberra
Zypce, percussion / sound objects - Argentina
+ Canberra guests - Canberra

Adriana de los Santos, piano / objects – Argentina
Born in Entre Ríos, where she made her first music studies. Since 1978 she has been deeply involved with new music in Latin America. In 2004 she formed el Trío El Otro Tango and in 2006 el Duo Adriana de los Santos-Zypce.

Cameron Deyell, guitar – Canberra
New Zealand born guitarist, Cameron Deyell, is a reformed jazz tragic now making all kinds of progressive music. Cameron has been improvising in many contexts for many years and can be heard regularly in the Duo with Improvising vocalist Tony Osborne at The Whip It Series of performances. He has performed and recorded with some of Australia's best jazz musicians such as Mike Nock's Big Small Band (nominated for an ARIA award), the Catholics and the Japan Australia Jazz Orchestra. He has also been active in the local Australian music scene as Artistic Director of Sydney's Jazzgroove Association and Artistic Director of the Jazz:Now Festival at the Sydney Opera House.

Clare Cooper, guzheng – Berlin
Clare Cooper is based in Berlin, where she is developing pieces for inside pedal Harp and Chinese zither (guzheng) and working within the diverse community of artists and musicians as both a performer and organiser. Aside from solo performance Clare’s key projects are Germ Studies, LVSXY, Nevers and Hammeriver.
Claudio Calmens, electric guitar / objects – Argentina
Composes, and performs experimental music, electro-acoustic medias, musical Theatre, chamber works, and pieces for electric, midi and classical guitar. He teaches in state conservatories on his country. He is specialized in extended techniques for guitar. In 2000 he was in Cuba for the Orquesta Sinfónica de Camagüey invitation, directed by Louis Aguirre. On 2001 he visited at the United States, sponsored by the Dartmouth College, and Frog Peak Music. During 2004 September and October he has been invited to participate at the Podewil Cultural Centre in Berlin, playing solo and sharing the “Ensemble Otro” directed by Guillermo Gregorio. In February and March 2006 Claudio visited Canada, exchanging activity with artists in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec. In 2008 he played with the Australian / Latvian composer Vineta Lagzdina.

Claudio Koremblit, visuals – Argentina
Experimenta Festival’s founder and Artistic Director at Buenos Aires, between 1997 and 2009, the first sound art and experimental music festival in Latin America. Creator of Buenos Aires’s FM Public Radio: “Música de la Gran Flauta ”, between 1989-1991, presenting all kind of experimental music for the first time in the country. He also writes about New Music at magazines and newspapers like Crítica de Argentina, Ñ de Clarín, Radar de Página 12, Esculpiendo Milagros, and La Contumancia, El Musiquero y Perro Negro, among others. He prepares right now a first book about experimental music. He creates music and design sound for theatre directors and choreographers.

Clayton Thomas, double bass – Berlin
Clayton Thomas is a double bassist and grass roots organiser working in the broad spectrum of improvised and experimental music.
“I'm trying to work out a physical activity equally engaged in electronic and acoustic music aesthetics, while maintaining the kind of transitional and transformative energy of the music that changed my life. I draw inspiration from creative music of all eras, happily learning from and engaging with improvisers, sound artists, composers and thinkers alive and kicking in the 21st century. “

Striefenjunko Eivind Nordset Lønning, trumpet - Norway
Espen Reinertsen, tenor sax – Norway
Streifenjunko make vigorous music with the rare instrumentation of tenor saxophone and trumpet. Espen Reinertsen and Eivind Lønning apply uncommon instrumental techniques to project a spacious sound with nothing else around. They have worked closely together for a long time to present a truly unique repertoire, but have also collaborated with renowned musicians like Keith Rowe, Tetuzi Akiyama, Toshi Nakamura, Jim Denley, Christian Wallumrød, Sidsel Endresen and video artist Kjell Bjørgeengen.
Streifenjunko have recently released their debut CD "No Longer Burning" on the record label Sofa, and a track from this album was also included in The Wire Tapper 21. They have over the last couple of years toured Asia, Africa, USA and Europe. Festival performances includes: Fri Resonans and Konsberg Jazz-festival in Norway, On the Edge of Wrong Festival in South Africa and Moers Festival in Germany.

Gerardo Morel, computer / sampler – Argentina
Has studied guitar, music theory, composition and programming at conservatories, the University of Quilmes and by himself since 1986. He has formed several bands ranging from pop, techno, experimental rock and even reggae, playing guitar, bass guitar, and live electronics. He also composes soundtracks for short and feature length films as well as theatre, and is involved in the experimental and free improvisation scene in Buenos Aires. For 3 years he has been producing Niños Consentidos, a multi-aesthetic event where everything can happen, in a surrealist inspired mix of performance art, popular and experimental music, visual and social art.

Jim Denley, wind instruments – Sydney
An emphasis on spontaneity, site-specific work and collaboration has been central to his work. He sees no clear distinctions between his roles as instrumentalist, improviser and composer. Collaborations, his radio feature for the ABC won the Prix Italia in 1989. In 1990 he was a member of Derek Bailey’s Company for a week of concerts in London. In May 06 he recorded a program for the ABC in the Budawang Mountains, South West of Sydney, now been made into a CD, Through Fire, Crevice and the Hidden Valley. This received an Honorary Mention in the Digital Music category of the Prix Ars Electronica 2008. He co-founded with the electro-acoustic text/music group Machine for Making Sense.

Kim Myhr, guitar – Norway
Is a young and innovative guitarist with an emphasis on a wide range of percussive, harmonic and timbral effects. He has embarked on an international career with performances throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. His projects these days is a duo with Sebastien Roux (electronics/FR), the trio MURAL with Denley and Ingar Zach, the group “Silencers” with Benoit Delbecq (piano/FR) as well as a piece for Trondheim Jazz-orkester featuring Sidsel Endresen, Christian Wallumrød and many others. He has also performed with Martin Tetreault, Anthony Pateras, Toshi Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Robbie Avenaim to mention a few.

Richard Johnson, Wind Instruments- Canberra.
Richard has been performing with the texture of sound on soprano saxophone and bass clarinet for many years and in the last couple of years has been experimenting with instruments made from the conical gourds from PNG. These particular gourds allow the stripping back of the wind instruments to their most visceral and most sensuous form and allow for the exploration of the fundamentals of sound production with extended techniques. He has performed at the Nownow Festival; the Make it Now performances; Brice Glace and The 102 Club in Grenoble France, as well as local free Improvising events and the Whip it series more recently in Sydney with the likes of Roger Dean, Robbie Avenaim, Jerome Nottinger, Xavier Querell, Jim Denley, Kim Myhr, Clare Cooper, Richard Ratajczak, Cameron Deyell, Tony Osborne and Caterina De Re to name a few.

Zypce, percussion / sound objects – Argentina
In 1994 he released his CD “Nuevo muerto” (“New dead”) in which he and his ensemble play his own works of contemporary classical music tainted with industrial reminiscences, although these categories are in fact very dubious labels. He has also composed music for film, dance and theatre in Argentina and abroad, and has made concerts of his experimental compositions with pianist Adriana de los Santos, among others. He builds his own musical instrument and has an extremely elaborate approach.


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