This site is dedicated to finding all the sites and networks for free improvisational music and placing them here as a link for all to use. It is an inclusive of most musics that include improvisation in it so that free jazz, + traditional world musics etc + soundscape, musique concrete , electronic , avant garde, sound art etc. Feel free to contact me with suggestions.

Photo is of Chefa Alonso and Roger Turner at Festival R de Choc, Paris 2009, taken be Helen Petts

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this is the beginning so here is the start :

European Free Improvisation Site:

Friends of Mopomoso Blog:

Free Music Productions (run by Jost Gerbers):

Derek Bailey for friends in NYC 1&2 + :

Derek Bailey & George Lewis:

INCUS Records:

Lauren Newton: vocalist

Split Records run by Jim Denley

Antboy records run by Will Guthrie

Machine for Making Sense:

The Schlippenbach Trio:

Globe Unity Orchestra:

Globe Unity Orchestra 1970 (video)

Clare Cooper

Robbie Avenaim

Sound recordist Chris Watson:

Helen Petts Video Channel

Clayton Thomas:

Amanda Stewart:

Emanem Records:

Veryan Weston sites:

The London Music Collective:

Mopomoso concert series in London:

John Russell

The nownow concert series in Sydney Australia:

Torben Snekkestad (saxophonist)

Signal to Noise Magazine:

Psi Records run by Evan Parker

Evan Parker on video:

Peter Kowald SOLO:

Mats Gustafsson (Olof Bright records);

Mats Gustafsson home page (March 2009)

Gustafsson,Vandermark,Haker-Flaten, Nilssen-Love (Video)

The Improvisor

Johannes Bergmark:

Free Music Productions:

Bowerbird (Association in Philedelphia US)

Bengt Berger:

Country & Eastern:

Improvised Music in Japan:

Jon Rose:

Australia ad lib project:

Bagatellen Magazine:

Modisti Magazine online:

Resonance FM Radio:

Spirit House Radio Australia Monday 10-11 30pm


HatHut Records:

Iritijal Festival in Lebanon:

Christine Sehnaoui:

Sharif Sehnaoui:

Merzan Kerbaj:

Paal Nilssen-Love (Drummer):

Drip Audio label (run by Jesse Zubot in Vancouver, Canada):

Kim Myhr:


METAMKINE Label and Distribution run by Jerome Noetinger:

102 Club (Rue d'Alembert Grenoble France):

Matchless recordings run by Eddie Prevost:

Jean Borde:

Potlach label (France):

Stephane Rives :

Creative Sources Recordings:

Steve Coleman

Intakt Records:

Barry Guy:
Barry Guy's New Orchestra

John Butcher:

Point of Departure magazine:

Echtziek Music Berlin (concert guide etc)

Alessandro Bosetti:

Bhob Rainey:

Acoustic Ecology Institute:

Han Bennink:

The Bimhuis, Amsterdam:

Pauline Oliveros:

Deep listening institute:

Shelley Hirsch:

Instant Composers Pool (ICP Orchestra):

Okka Disc Label (chicago)

Charbel Haber:

Liquid Architecture Festival Australia:

Thembi Soddell:

Keith Rowe:

Anne Estoppey's videos:

Mulhouse Jazz Festival:

The Wire Magazine:

Through Fire and Crevice CD:

The Necks:

Paul Lovens:
Po Torch Records, PO Box 1005, D-52011 Aachen, Germany. Fax (0)241 543640.

Paul Lovens /Anthony Pateras duo Poland 2007:

Musicworks Online Magazine:

Safehouse Brighton Videos:

Andrea Parkins:
Andrea Parkins + Jessica Constable:

Micheal Zerang:

Jaap Blonk:

Al Maslakh records:

Gail Brand (trombonist):

Phil Minton:

oxford improviser (UK):

Maggie Nichols:

Luc Houtkamp:

X-OR recordings (founded by Luc Houtkamp):

Hal Rammel:

Ken Vandermark:

Ingebrigt Haaker Flaten:

Impermanent Audio Recordings (Australia):

Make it up club (Melbourne Australia):

Streifenjunko (Nordic duo):

Sofa Music (Norway):

Fri Resonans Festival (Trondheim Norway):

Martin Taxt (tuba):

All Ears Festival of Improvised music (Oslo):

Xavier Charles:

One final note (webzine):

Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville:

SIMA (sydney jazz):

lechacalnoir Channel (classic jazz videos):

Anthony Braxton:

Eugene Chadbourne:

Restructures web links compiled by Jason Guthartz

LaDonna Smith:

Miya Masaoka:

Sound 323 (London):

Audition (sound 323 radio program):

Esrtwhile Records:

Martin Brandlmayr:

Electrofringe Festival (Newcastle Australia):

Clean feed records (Lisbon):


Smalltown Supersound

Sylvie Courvoisier:

Arve Henriksen:

Peter Brotzman:

Ears (Electro Acoustic Resource Site):

Monastery Bulliten:

Handbook of Acoustic Ecology:

Singing Bridges:

Sonic Arts Network:

Misha David's videos (fabulous free improv)

Zeena Parkins:

Leo Records:

Peter Brotzman's Chicago Tentet:

Cecil taylor Quintet 1995:

Cecil Taylor Munich 1984 solo (5 parts):

New Albion Records:

Zu Casa (online laboratory):

International Improvised Music Archive:

Jack Wright and Spring Garden Music:

Perfect Sound Forever (online music magazine):

Bluechop sticks Records:

Sound Travellers (Australian)

What is Music Festival (Australia):

Indeterminacy (John Cage):

Grob Label:

For4ears Records:

Output Festival (Amsterdam):

Trytone festival (Amsterdam, Tilburg, Utrecht):

Bimhuis (Amsterdam):

Gino Robair:

Ratascan Records:

John Raskin:

Frank Gratkowski:

Improvised Music from Japan:

Turbulence (new radio and performing arts: sound sculptures etc):

Barely Auditable Records:

Experimental Music Chronicled, Hertz-Lion Yield:

WIRED LAB (wire intergative Research and Development):

Peter Greenway VJing ( a new Direction):

Ingeos Art Sonore:

World Forum of Acoustic Ecology:

Ear to the Earth Festival:

Aural Diary:

Sound Art Links:

Bvhaast records:

William Breuker Kollektief:

The Stone performance space:

Ketil Gutvik:

Kjetil Moester:

Ellery Eskelin:


Numusic (New Music Festival , Norway, September)

Ars Nova Workshop (Philidelphia US)

Baltimore’s 10th Anniversary High Zero Festival
Sept 17th–Sept 21st 2008,

Anthea Caddy and Magda Mayas:
with Annette Krebs:

Franz Hautzinger:

Axel Dorner:

Peter Evans:

Rudi Mahall:

Robin Fox:

Tomas Korber:

Screwgun Records run by Tim Berne+:

Olivia Block:

Micheal Northam:

Fred Frith:

Tzadik label:

Sten Sandell:

William Parker:

Irene Schweiser:

Jimmy Lyons (RIP):

Experimental musical instruments:

Eartrip Magazine ( downloadable) by David Grundy:

Electronic Musik label

hellosQaure Recordings run by Shoeb Ahmed:

Creative Sources Recordings:

Bay Area Improviser (San Francisco):

Philadelphia Sound Forum:

Bashir Saade:

Micheal Lowenstern:

International Society of Improvised Music:

addlimb (Serbia):

Bertrand Denzler:

Muiscworks (mag):

Improjazz (French mag):

International Improvised Music Archive IIMA:

Tom Nunn's 1998 Book "Wisdom of The Impulse : On the Nature of Musical Free Improvisation", Downloadable here:

another timbre Label:

Balance Point Acoustics (Damon Smith):

Treader label:

Rossbin (not for profit) Label:

Asia-Pacific Field Recorders Forum:

Venue in Geneva: CAVE 12 ( programme)

Binaural Media (Portugal):

Antonio Mainenti:

Twenty Hertz (recordings)

Mural (Myhr/Denley/Zach):

Vincent Cazeneuve:

The Nameless sound (formerly The Deep Listening Institute Houston):

Cable Festival Nantes (france) 18-21 Feb 2009:

Found Sound : Experimental Instrument Project (Melbourne) :

Budawangs ( Jim Denley):

Francois Houle:

Vancouver Creative Music Institute:

Coastal Jazz and Blues (Vancouver) :

Time Flies Improvised Music Festival 5-7 Feb 2009 (Vancouver):

The Iron Works (Venue for improvised concert series Vancouver):

Home Concept 9 (France)

Stet lab (Ireland):

Holon Art Lab Audio Service am (radio)

Dissonart Ensemble:

ZeitKratzer Ensemble

and/OAR label: environmental recording and/more

either/OAR (subsidiary of and/OAR):

Franck Schulte:

Poise Label (founded by Frank Schulte & Dirk Raulf)

Zentrifuge (interactive sound piece by Frank Schulte & Andres Bosshard):

John Hughes, Lars Scherzberg, Nicolas Wiese

Schraum Label (Germany):

Compost and Height (blog)

Sarah Hughes (blog):

"Derek Bailey and the story of free Improvisation" by Ben Watson (book):,M1

Stasisfield (Sonic planar analysis):

Terry Day:

Mateusz Walerian (Poland)

Bart Hopkins (Corrugaphone +):

Textsound (online audio publication):

Alvin lucier:

The Society of Ethnomusicology:

Dana Reason:

Benedict Drew:

Zimoun Leerraum

Soundcloud and Sounding blog:

Jim Denley/Kim Myhr (feb 2009) new CD "Systems Realignment":

Spool music Label (Canada):

Festival R-de-Choc (and ongoing series in PARIS curated by Pascal Marzan):

Herbal International Label:

Melbourne International Jazz Festival:

Tyyfus Records:

The Unobtainables (blog and downloads):

Richard Garet:

Insubordinations (net label for improvised music):

Inversus Doxa (Jean Sebastian Mariage):

Geiger Musik (sweden):

Heddy Boubaker:

Electronic Music Foundation (performance space NY +):

Listen Space (NYC performance space):

Diapason (performance space Brooklyn NY):

577 Records (NY):

Tyyfus Records:

Nobusiness Records (Lithuania):

Bagatellen blog:

Free Music Archive:

Medea Electronique:

Slow Sound:

MPRNTBL (netlabel):

Birgit Ulher:

The Red Room (venue/collective/record/books: Baltimore US):

Daniel Heikalo & Arthur Bull duo:

Kris Wanders:

Minneapolis free music society (collective)

Gary Fischer (Sound Artist):

Redline Projects (netlabel)

Melanie Chillianis (Melbourne)

Off Minor (blog of UK events):

The Point of Departure:

Evan Parker on Coltrane:

Festival R-de-Choc, Paris (july)

Molde International Jazz Festival, Norway 2009

Association of Improvising Musicians Toronto:

Philippe Lauzier ;

Improv Helsinki:

Rasbliutto Improvised music

HZCollective (Virginia US based):

Set Projects label:

Alan Lechusza Aquallo (Luiseno/Maidu)
Native American electro-acoustic sound artist

Flight of the Ruffian Blog (free jazz):

Mopomoso Friends blog:

Steve Coleman:

Ruminagem Sound Sculpture Project:

Franziska Baumann

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